What is Energy Elite?

Energy Elite is the division of Elite Group, that handles all of the Renewable Energy Installations, services and repairs, such as Solar PV, ASHP (Air Source Heat Pump) And battery storage solutions so that you can store the energy you collect from you Solar PV installation 

Our energy services

Solar PV

Solar PV are solar panels which provide your home with electricity from the sun, We are Qualified to install, Service and Repair Solar PV. Click here to find out more about Solar PV

ASHP (Air Source Heat Pump)

transferring heat absorbed from the outside air to an indoor space such as a home or an office via the wet central heating systems to heat radiators and provide domestic hot water. Heat pumps work similarly to a refrigerator

Solar Battery Storage

Solar battery storage, allows you to save the electricity your solar panels collect to use later when your solar panels are not creating as much electricity, such as at night .

Meet Carl Our Energy Specialist

Carl is our Technical and Installations Manager and our Energy Specialist With over a decade of experience in the Renewable Energy Field.

With Multiple Qualifications in Solar PV, Electrics and Energy Assessment, Carl has worked in Installation, Assessment and Supervisory roles over the last Decade, and has thousands of happy customers.

Not only is Carl well Qualified and experienced for his role, he is a friendly guy with great customer service skills and cares about you, your home and your experience, and will be more than happy to answer any questions you have , so you will feel comfortable and at Ease knowing that Energy Elite has all your Solar PV needs covered with our wealth of experience in the sector

What Are The Benefits of Solar PV

Solar energy is obtained from the sun’s radiation and it can be converted to electricity or heat. It is freely available and thanks to advances in technology, we can now harness even more of the solar energy that is continuously available to us.

Here are a few benefits related to this renewable source of energy.

Impact on the Environment

Solar energy has the least negative impact on the environment compared to any other energy source. It does not produce greenhouse gases and does not pollute the water. It also requires very little water for its maintenance, unlike nuclear power plants for example, needing 20 times more water. Solar energy production does not create any noise, which is major benefit, since a lot of solar installations are in urban areas, such as domestic solar panels.

Reduce Your Energy Bill

Generating your own electricity means that you will be using less from the utility supplier. This will immediately translate to savings on your energy bill. Plus, you can also make money by selling the unused electricity, which you have generated, back to the grid. Through solar panel grants offered, you can make your green investment even more beneficial. The more energy you produce, the less you will need from the supplier which will increase your energy self reliance.

Energy Production during Peak Hours

Energy demand tends to be higher in the 11:00-16:00 time frame and then early in the evening. Naturally, this is the period when the price of the electricity peaks. Solar energy happens to reach its maximum production capacity during those hours. Electricity produced at that time has higher value than if it was generated at night. With the additional electricity input of solar energy, prices in those time frames could be driven down to a level close to those of night hours.

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